Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What to cook on the Napoleon Barbeque

You're obviously a party lover if you're going to be buying and using one of these!

Biggest barbq -
Napoleon Prestige II 750 Gemini Gas Barbecue

The Napoleon Prestige II 750 Gemini Gas Barbecue is a massive barbecue and I can only imagine how much fun it would be actually using one!

With so much room there's room for everything you want to be cooking!

It's got a Rotisserie so that means you can cook whole chickens on it!

You can close the lid and use it to cook like an oven, so if the kids want delicious homemade pizzas then that's no problem either!

The sheer size of the barbecue also means you can cook everyone something at the same time without having to make people wait!

I'd do some delicious steaks marinaded in a herb and oil mixture with plenty of fresh rosemary and thyme sprinkled in and about a pound of garlic (Only joking, but several cloves of garlic are essential!)

You should always make some garlic bread too on the barbeque - foil wrap a split baguette buttered with garlic butter and toast it for probably not more than ten minutes! It'll be so hot and delicious!

Don't forget some healthy salads too as side dishes to go with all the meat!
And plenty of bread rolls for the sausages, and ketchups and sauces!

Mmmm, Barbecue heaven!

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