Tuesday, 28 July 2009

B&Q have loads of barbeques

B & Q
* B&Q Westpoint Hooded 2 Burner Gas Barbecue THG2206
* B&Q New York 3 Burner Gas Barbecue With Side Burner THG3210
* B&Q Laguna 2 Burner Gas Barbecue With Side Burner WG1602
* Kansas 4 Burner Gas Bbq W/Side Burner
* Landmann Small Gas Wagon Barbecue
* New England 3 Burner Gas Barbecue
* Landmann 4 Burner Gas Wagon Barbecue with Side Burner
* New Jersey 3 Burner Gas Barbecue
* Outback Platinum 6 Burner Gas Barbecue

Full range of gas and charcoal barbeques available with a budge saving option of searching by lowest price first!
With home delivery available on many items and great barbeque accessories you'll find just what you need to enjoy the summer sunshine.